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DEMO PAGE: redirects of unreadable files

If the TOUCUT application cannot read an uploaded file, the client will be redirected to a page where the reasons are explained, and suggestions are given to fix possible errors. You can customize this page however you like. Here is an example of the most common mistakes:



Why can’t I upload my file?

We encountered some problems opening your file.
The problem can be caused by multiple reasons depending on the many existing software and technical variables to create a Design.

Before asking for our assistance, we advise you to check whether you have complied with these simple rules:
First, please verify that yours is a vector file for laser cutting. Find out what it is.


  • Explode text parts in lines or areas (no FONT).
  • Do not use photos or raster images (* .jpg, *. Png *. Bmp * .tif, etc…) inside the vector files.
  • With Illustrator draw inside the work area (white sheet).
  • In the case of DWG and DXF files try to save in a not too recent format.
  • Do not use lines of thickness 0.00; they are automatically discarded.
  • In general, if you have followed these tips and your Design is not yet uploaded to our platform, try saving the file in another SVG format | PDF | AI | EPS | DXF | DWG